Ichnite Public Relations & Strategic Communications is a traditional public relations firm, with untraditional ideas.

Sure, we provide general public relations counsel and services, but our specialty is issues and crisis management for organizations or individuals.

Here is where we differ from the others. Whether you’re an organization or an individual, you still have a reputation—a brand. Your reputation/brand is your greatest asset and a blemish can do wonders to destroy both. Ichnite understands this and works strategically within the realm of integrated communication management, employing many different communication disciplines, to manage your issue and resolve your crisis.

Yes, Ichnite knows theory. You ever wonder why some things work? Have you ever asked yourself, how can you reduce high levels of uncertainty and win public approval even when things didn’t go so right? We look at communications, organizational and individual, from both a theoretical and sound application approach. We of course add our own flair and we do it all for the name of our clients.

That is why trust and high ethical standards are what drive us. Yes, your secrets are safe with us—good, bad or indifferent.

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